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A new chamber opera premiering at the Capital Fringe Festival on July 14th, 2023.

James Meech, Meech Creative LLC

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James Meech, Meech Creative LLC

What does it mean to walk away?

Drown the Muse is a one-act chamber opera that explores the relationship between performer and self: the doubts artists face every day, and the vulnerability required to show up, especially when you’re empty.


Over and over and over again.

Borrowing from the traditions of Greek performance, Drown the Muse blends styles and genres to mirror the artistic experiences of its creators. The two writers and performers are Zoë, an actor with a musical theater and improv comedy background, and Hannah, a classically trained opera singer and cellist. Accompanied by a small chamber ensemble, this world-premiere two-hander charts new territory in theatre and opera.

Can't make it live?

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We wanted to create something different.


After all, Fringe is the place to try new things, like experimenting with sound and uniting artists across disciplines. We were outside the creative field when we met, but we still felt a pull together that could only be described as cosmic. That's the power of creativity. We wanted to harness that power to bring our communities together and heal wounds from some of the unhealthy conditions we worked in previously. Plus, we could not spend enough time together. Thus, Drown the Muse was born. By creating this piece, we deepened our relationship with our crafts and each other. We challenged ourselves to collaborate with new faces, now our new friends. We hope other artists and creative people can see themselves in our stories and feel heard.

Zoë Bowen Smith & HANNAH PHIPPS


Meet the Team

This production is part of the 2023 Capital Fringe Festival, a program of the Washington, DC non-profit Capital Fringe.

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