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What's nexT, ZOë?

Beyond the Fence

A coming of age drama about four sisters who fight to escape the rural Appalachian cult they were born and raised in while struggling to maintain their relationships with one another.

One year after the death of their parents, a fatal accident forces the Lane sisters to flee the confines of The Neighborhood, a closed community led by a violent and coercive group of men. While on the run, the sisters must reckon with the consequences of leaving the only home they have ever known and face their fears of the outside world.

Zoë is the Creative Producer for this new film from Lindsey Paulette, who Zoë worked with previously on The Trip (2024). Beyond the Fence marks Zoë's first film producing credit, and she will also star as the eldest Lane sister, Mary.

Beyond the Fence is the second feature-length film from Incredibly Okay Films, and it is currently in development. Keep up with the project on Instagram or IMDB Pro.


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