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What's nexT, ZOë?

The Death of Anne Brontë

Now streaming on Vimeo! Semi-finalist at New York International Women Festival and London Indie Short Festival in November 2022. Award-winning at the Austin International Film Festival in October 2022. Official selection at Prince George's Film Festival in September 2022.

Zoë leads this new film in the role of Charlotte Brontë, the English novelist behind Jane Eyre.

The Brontë sisters have become legends for their outstanding works of fiction, and for their tragically short-lived lives. Yet Anne Brontë, the youngest of the three sisters, remains the least well-known and the least celebrated.

Our film focuses on Anne Brontë, the youngest Brontë sister, battling tuberculosis and struggling to write her last novel. Anne's diligent caretaker, Charlotte (Zoë), must choose between protecting her own pride and fulfilling Anne's dying wish.

Written and directed by Kathleen Barth.


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